White Paper: Holistic Purchase to Pay - unlocking cash by creating synergy in Purchase to Pay

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Holistic Purchase to Pay (P2P) is about partnerships – a partnership between buyers and suppliers, and a partnership between Finance and Purchasing. It’s a means to eliminate waste and to unlock cash from within a business. Getting it right can be highly lucrative.
It doesn’t have to be particularly complicated. Many organisations have the infrastructure in place already and even an incremental change can bring about significant improvements.

"Holistic Purchase to Pay: Unlocking Cash by Creating Synergy in P2P" can help you to:

  • Ensure your enterprise maintains a competitive cost structure.
  • Improve Finance’s analytical, modeling and forecasting capabilities.
  • Manage complexity of all components of the Finance service delivery model.
  • Leverage new finance applications, technologies and technology deployment models.
  • Forecast future scenarios and risks reliably.

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