Webinar: The ABB story - Purchase-to-pay automation: Goals and challenges in a global enterprise.

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Using successful change management to increase ROI and reduce project risk

Effective change management is key to the success of any project that alters the way people work, whether it involves changes to processes, technologies, systems or structures. However, many projects still suffer when organisational issues aren’t adequately addressed. What practical steps can you take within your project delivery to ensure success and achieve your goals?

Nigel Chapman, Change Management Facilitator at ABB, shares his experience and practical advice, providing you with practical steps to reduce project risk and attain faster ROI.  ABB successfully automated its invoice processing to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Nigel discusses this project and provides insight into the global programme it adopted.

This session examines how ABB:

  • Successfully reaped the best results from its P2P automation programme
  • Is managing change regionally in line with the global enterprise
  • Gained stakeholder interest and developed user commitment
  • Achieved process centralisation and system integration
  • Developed techniques for tackling non-compliance
  • Determined project success

Finally, hear ABB’s top-five lessons learnt and success factors from its UK regional implementation.