Webinar: Electronic Invoicing with Finnair Case Study

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Electronic invoicing is great in principle.  But we still live in a world where it can take 12 months for a good amount of invoices to be converted to electronic.

Most companies predict they’ll convert 70% within 18 months, but sometimes this can only be done when critical success factors are followed to the letter, and mandatory messages are sent out. This session is looking at the alternative to waiting 18 months to realise your processing dream: ie how to convert 100% by Day One.

This session, hosted by Basware, will look at how the integrated approach of electronic invoicing and outsourced invoice capture means that significant cost reduction can be realised perhaps quicker than expected.  They will examine:

  1. What to consider if you are looking at this approach
  2. The 5 critical success factors to moving suppliers to electronic invoicing
  3. The importance of supplier activation and how a mandatory message isn’t always necessary
  4. What we can learn from Scandinavia – why are they so much more mature when it comes to e-invoicing?
  5. Why looking at electronic invoicing as your long term solution is the only viable option
  6. What to consider when moving your pan European invoices to electronic

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