Accounts Payable Change Maker Webinar – A Controller’s view

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How do these best-in-class leaders in accounts payable organizations shift gears for better performance? How can you transform your AP department from a back-office function into a strategic asset?

In this webinar, we discuss how organizations have embraced accounts payable automation. We take a closer look at business financing in general, and talk with Basware’s Vice President of Business Control Hans Parvikoski about how AP's role has evolved. Hans shares his view on the most critical daily topics he handles as a controller, and what he sees as the most important technical and business requirements for any accounts payable automation project.

This webinar covers:

  • Accounts payable's shift to being a value-adding part of any organization
  • Results from the recently-released e-Payables study from Ardent Partners
  • A controller's view and advice on making change a priority
  • How you can become an AP change maker or develop change makers at your organization