Webinar Recording: Accounts Payable (AP) Changemaker. Interview with Basware CFO Mika Harjuaho

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In this webinar, find out how forward-thinking finance professionals are taking on the role of Accounts Payable Change Makers in order to transform their AP departments from backoffice functions into strategic assets within the organization. By looking at the differences between best-in-class performers and the laggards, we can identify process and technological adoption trends which define and support great results. We spoke with Basware’s CFO, Mika Harjuaho, who give his opinions on what it takes to be an AP Change Maker and where the biggest wins can be found.

During the webinar we discuss:

* Results from a recent report by Ardent Partners on ePayables
* Supporting technology that is shaping the future of AP
* Examples of where, when and how AP Change Makers have impacted their organizations
* A CFO’s perspective on making ‘change’ a priority.