Video: Basware InvoiceReady - Easy paperless invoice handling for growing businesses

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Small and medium businesses understand the value of automating the invoice handling process but struggle to find a solution designed to meet their size and business requirements.

That’s why we created InvoiceReady™. It’s made up of eight best-in-class processes rolled into one easy-to-use, cost-effective, cloud-based solution that’s much more than the sum of its parts:

  • Mobility: Anytime, anywhere access to procurement, expense and invoice handling processes.
  • Purchase invoice automation: Invoice handling made easy.
  • Scan & Capture: Converts paper invoices into e-invoices so you never see a paper invoice again.
  • e-invoices: Takes care of your e-invoices to turn them into the format you want to receive them in.
  • Archive: All your purchase invoices are archived and accessible online.
  • Travel & Expense claims: Handle your travel & expense claims electronically for 100% visibility and control.
  • Contract matching: Automate the processing of recurring payments.
  • e-Procurement: To better control employee spending.

No software installation necessary – just connect to the Basware Network and pay as you go. With no hardware or software investment, and no need to worry about upgrades, you’ll be up and running quickly and easily.

View the video to learn more about Basware InvoiceReady.