Factsheet: Strategic Source-to-Pay Solutions

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The partnership of industry leaders Basware and BravoSolution delivers a powerful source-to-pay (S2P) solution that lets you realize the benefits of negotiated supplier savings across all of your purchasing and finance processes.

This integrated solution – spanning sourcing, spend analysis and supply management, as well as purchase-to-pay (P2P) and e-invoicing – overcomes a major problem that companies are facing today: ‘the savings gap.’ Companies are missing out on signficant savings that they negotiated with suppliers because many of their corporate and finance processes are not in compliance with agreed-upon contracts.

Now, thanks to the combined offering of best-in-class solutions from BravoSolution and Basware, you can create significant value and maximize cashable savings throughout P2P – helping you improve your bottom-line financial performance.

Download the factsheet to learn more about how this partnership can benefit your bottom line.