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What Procurement Can Do – A strategy checklist for the decade ahead

Executives will continue to need more from Procurement teams, now and in the future. 

What procurement can do changes and continues to transform. CPOs need to capitalize on new technologies, processes and procurement solutions to address significant changes in the future.  What can we do to prepare for procurement transformation today?  What is happening in the world of procurement today? How do the future procurement roles and risks look like?

This procurement webinar shows you how to start transforming procurement by making operations more scalable, and have better enterprise visibility into spend and performance.  Most organizations are not at a point to realize best results, and by attending the webinar you get ahead of the curve when it comes to procurement knowledge required in the future. Take action on increasing your procurement knowledge by attending our procurement webinar with ardent partners’ procurement leaders!


Andrew Bartolini Ed Aviles


The path we have taken isn’t the one I intended. Every time we reach a new platform we realize that the next journey is out there.

-Global CPO, CPG Company