White Paper: The “consumerisation” of corporate systems

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Can business procurement technology learn from the consumer world?

Through the noughties, led by firms such as Amazon and eBay, thebusiness-to-consumer (B2C) world focused on making the whole buying experience easier, faster and more pleasant. But the B2B world of business buying did not really keep up with the retail developments and the changing expectations of employees. It is only in the past few years that B2B software has started to benchmark itself against those leading consumer online shopping experiences to stay relevant.

We call this process the “consumerisation” of business procurement and spending. But what does this trend mean for procurement teams of the future?

Download this white paper, written by Spend Matters, to find out more.

“…the move to consumerisation of business software

and transactional processes is unstoppable, and procurement

professionals need to be ahead of the game if they are to satisfy

their internal stakeholders and reap the potential benefits of this


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