Turn money lost to fraud into savings

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Watch the on-demand webinar with fraud expert Rich Lanza

It’s time to turn the money lost to fraud into savings. Turn the dreaded F word into the R word – recovery. Modern recovery projects should be incorporated into cost saving organizational plans. By focusing some of the projects on fraud-prone areas, a new revenue-generating source can be created for the organization. And, automation through analytics borne from cost saving programs should support detecting and preventing fraud, as well as systematically recovering funds, and establishing patterns/trends for continued monitoring.

Join us for this webinar with fraud expert, Rich Lanza, to learn how you can:

  • Tailor a prioritized plan for cost savings in the coming year, with no cash budget required, using a variety of easy-to-implement cost recovery / saving initiatives
  • Determine instances when such cost-cutting reviews can also become effective fraud fighters
  • Recognize how cost recovery can support any internal audit and fraud detection testing plan, supplementing your existing staff at no cost
  • Gain an appreciation for the types of technology used by cost recovery firms and how it relates to any company
  • Explore building perpetual cash return machines that automate cost recoveries and prevent issues from ever coming to the surface

Rich Lanza CFE, CGMA, The Data Magician, has 25 years of audit and fraud detection experience with specialization in data analytics and cost recovery efforts. He currently is a Director of Data Analytics with Grant Thornton, LLP, where he is weaving analytics into their audit and advisory practices. Rich wrote the first book on practical applications of using data analytics in an audit environment titled 101 ACL Applications: A Toolkit for Today’s Auditor, in addition to authoring or co-authoring 18 more publications and having over 50 articles to his credit. 

Rich is proficient in the practical use of analytic software including ACL, ActiveData for Excel, Arbutus Analyzer, IDEA, TeamMate Analytics and auditing with Microsoft Excel techniques. Rich has been awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners for his research on proactive fraud reporting. To contact Rich, please Email him at rich.lanza@us.gt.com.