Factsheet: Basware Analytics

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You can’t improve what you can’t measure

How many times have you worked with an enterprise solution that you knew was supporting an underperforming process – but you struggled to improve things because you had no visibility or insight into the process?

Analytics and Actionable Intelligence

KPI Reports are great but if the data is static you may find it difficult to come to grips with just what the causality is. Being able to go from a corporate level KPI down to the Business Unit data and then further down to the cost centers and finally the individual invoices gives you the ability to see the data from the right perspective – and ultimately, take action where it will do the most good.

Power to the People

The modern workforce (the individual) operates in an interesting space. People are more highly educated than ever before, job demands are high – most of us would say we are overworked. KPIs, Reports and Analysis can and should be accessible to all those who require it. Analytics has the power to support the individual business managers by giving each employee the right level of AP process insight to be more effective and efficient than ever before.

Download the fact sheet to learn more about Basware Analytics.