ERP is not sufficient for Purchase-to-Pay

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Enhance your ERP and finance experience with a professional P2P system.

Most organizations use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to run their business processes. This can include human resources, payroll, procurement and purchase invoicing. ERP systems also store corporate information in databases and keep track of business resources such as inventory and cash.

Even though ERP is central to business operations, many companies struggle to gain visibility and control over their purchases and invoices and fail to increase their net working capital. When an organization relies solely upon ERP software to handle its finances and ERPs for purchasing, a host of issues arises.
By integrating Basware’s Purchase-to-Pay solution with your ERP system, you can enhance the visibility and control over your suppliers and avoid setting up Electronic Data Interchange connections by joining the world’s largest open, global e-invoicing network.
Watch the video for more information on ERP and purchase to pay integration and the  ideal purchase to pay ERP setup.