e-Invoicing Webinar: ebilling solution landscape

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Exploring the solution landscape for sending e-invoices

In the most recent installment of e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions, we had a very lively discussion with two e-invoicing experts about e-invoicing solutions. Watch the webinar recording to learn about:

  • The different e-invoicing options used by organizations with various requirements
  • Business-to-government (B2G) e-invoicing requirements which impact markets in Europe and the US today
  • How zero integration solutions are reducing much of the complexity surrounding e-invoicing
  • How the network infrastructure connecting senders and receivers can help make regulatory compliance easier.

e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions will help you to:

  • Understand the issues surrounding e-billing/e-invoicing, and the ramifications they may have on your business,
  • Gain insight into what solution is the right fit for sending e-invoices
  • Understand how best to engage with your suppliers to get them to send you e-invoices, or with your customers to get them to receive e-invoices.