e-invoicing Webinar: How to comply with new government regulations

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A discussion about government e-invoicing regulations

In this installment of the e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions, we discuss e-invoicing government regulations and what you need to do about them.

The requirement to start e-invoicing is looming large for the majority of large and medium-sized organizations in developed markets. Particularly in the European Union (EU) and USA, public sector requirements for B2G (business-to-government) electronic-invoicing by 2018 have really put the pressure on. The public sector is the single largest buyer in any market. This means that tens of millions of companies are going to have to start sending e-invoices by 2018 (and well over 100,000 public sector administrations will have to figure out how to receive them).

Listen to this webinar recording to learn more.