Webinar: How to increase supplier adoption

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Removing common obstacles to e-invoicing adoption in your supplier base

In the most recent installment of the e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions, we discussed the top 5 obstacles to e-invoicing adoption in your supplier base. The conversation included cost, complexity, confusion, communication and consternation as the 5 key issues sited by suppliers in a recent study. This webinar provides a cost savings business case, rules for effective communication, commentary on how to handle complexity and ideas for overcoming consternation (supplier dread). Our panel of experts included Sami Nikula and Kaisa Välimäki – Sami is an e-invoicing expert and Kaisa leads a team of activation specialists and has direct experience onboarding suppliers and overcoming objections in the real world.

These webinars are for you if you are trying to understand the issues surrounding e-billing/e-invoicing, and ramifications they may have on your business. If you are looking for insight as to what solution is the right fit for sending e-invoices, or trying to understand how best to engage with your suppliers to send you e-invoices or your customers to receive them, these webinars will be highly informative.
Listen this webinar to learn more.