Fast Food with Fast Invoices at McDonald’s Germany

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In Germany, McDonald's is successfully connecting its suppliers to Basware PDF e-Invoice.

Accounts Payable Automation reduces errors and makes processes faster. McDonald’s Germany values those benefits and could also onboard their small suppliers.

In this e-invoicing case study, you can learn more about:

  • How McDonald‘s could implement e-Invoicing and how the implementation of e-invoicing is made easy despite their complex internal structures
  • How also small suppliers can now send e-Invoices easy and fast to McDonald’s
  • Why McDonald’s chose to go for Basware instead of a competitor and what are the primary benefits of an e-invoicing system

"Basware PDF e-Invoice helps us save time and money when processing invoices," says Daniel Voigt (Senior Manager in Process Management, McDonald's Deutschland). "I would choose Basware again."