Customer case study: FFE Transportation Services Inc.

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FFE Transportation Services was able to realize an ROI of over 130%, and have a net gain within the first year based primarily on hard savings from reduced manpower needs. Without the need for clerks to key in data, find lost or missing invoices, or fix errors, the company was able to cut manpower for invoice processing by 50%. The feedback from management has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to efficiencies and business benefits the system delivers, it enables executives throughout the company to use the information strategically to better manage cash flow.

“Basware Invoice Automation accomplished just what I needed it to do and even more.  I was thrilled about how much easier our work would be and how it would help us improve our processes.  And since then, the system has more than lived up to my expectations.”

Marilyn Van Zant,
Accounts Payable Manager
at FFE Transportation Services, Inc.


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