Basware MasterClass: Creating the A-Team

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How to build the ‘brand’ of your Finance Department across the company

How you are perceived within your organization – either personally or as a team – has a big impact when it comes to things such as budget and resource allocation, investment opportunities, recruitment and salary reviews or even just gaining the general respect of your peers. Those finance professionals who have the ability to influence key stakeholders and position the value they deliver are reaping the benefits and shaping the evolution of finance teams.

We are excited to be joined on by Christopher Barrat, a TED Talk regular and former Director of Procurement. Christopher will spend 45 minutes sharing his thoughts on:

How to build the ‘brand’ of your AP / Finance / Procurement department

  • How to assess your existing image in the company
  • How to make this engaging for your team
  • How to sign your team onto developing and maintaining a more positive image for your group

Stakeholder targeting and engagement

  • Taking a far more proactive approach to stakeholders
  • Mapping tools and techniques

Developing highly personalized messaging to achieve your desired outcome