The Future of E-invoicing

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An interactive e-invoicing webinar with e-invoicing expert Bruno Koch

Benefit from the growth and global opportunity that Business Networks enable through greater buyer and supplier collaboration.

In this e-invoicing webinar our guest Bruno Koch will be focusing on the 6 questions about the e-invoicing future below: 

1. Why e-invoicing is a hot topic right now and in future and what e-invoicing has to do with governments?

2. What are the SME requirements for e-invoicing in future and how to build stronger, more equitable relationships with them? 

3. How to use e-invoices to remove inefficiencies from the processes and drive liquidity across the business ecosystem?

4. What are the key elements for large enterprise projects in creating sustainable growth from e-invoicing today in future?

5. Why is it not sufficient to only support e-invoices in the business networks?

6. How businesses can improve the rest of their financial processes with e-procurement

Register now to learn these future secrets of e-invoicing and more from Bruno Koch from Billentis!