Customer case study: ELFS Shared Service

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ELFS Shared Service prides itself on being a trusted shared service business partner, committed to delivering value and supporting better healthcare in the National Health Service (NHS) through high quality, cost efficient services delivery, world class performance and the use of highly experienced NHS shared services staff. The team at ELFS currently processes 250,000 invoices on behalf of their client base. As the invoice volume was constantly increasing, it was important to ELFS to handle the processing through efficiency gains rather than simply increasing headcount. Invoice automation provided the needed visibility throughout the process enabling accurate reporting.

”A major benefit of the solution is the ability to track invoices
and identify bottlenecks in the process. We know where all invoices are at any given
point and have a full audit trail for every document. Now that we have this level of visibility we can identify issues and make process improvements.”

Melanie Roskell
Purchase to Pay Manager at ELFS