Network Business Directory – find and connect to your customers and suppliers

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The Business Directory is a network service which makes it easy for you to search for, find, and connect with your trading partners over the Basware Network.

The Business Directory holds the e-invoice addresses for almost 300,000 organizations – companies you may currently be sending paper invoices to. The directory is easy to use and we encourage you to search for and find your customers in order to streamline your outbound e-invoicing processes.

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How to get started – there are two options:

  1. Log into the Basware Network if you already have sign in credentials HERE.
  2. If you have never signed up to the network then fill in this FORM and we will send you an invitation to join.

The Business Directory is a great way for you to find more of your customers on the network, improve your e-invoicing rates, get off paper, and save time and money on your billing processes.