Webinar: B2B e-Invoicing/e-Billing networks and the role they play

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Learn how business networks are can help you connect and grow

In this installment of e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions, we had a lively discussion around B2B e-invoicing networks and how they work to support organizations, public and private, to connect and grow. We had two experts on the panel, Sami Nikula and Henri Liuska, who gave us the benefit of their considerable knowledge and insight.

We discussed why networks primarily exist (you think you know but you may not). We looked at different network models, and spent a long time talking about how networks mask or manage complexity within B2B commerce as well as what networks mean for e-invoicing and the public sector mandates. We rounded off the conversation with some guidance on what is important when choosing a network.  All in all, a really interesting topic and you should definitely listen to the recording if you weren’t on the call.