Webinar: The Risky Business of Paper-Based Billing

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How e-Invoicing will put your organization at ease

Businesses are at greater risk than ever of running afoul of regulators or coming under attack from hackers, crooks and unscrupulous employees.  This is especially true for businesses that conduct global trade and commerce.  Yet, many businesses still rely on antiquated paper billing processes that make it nearly impossible to ensure regulatory compliance or safeguard sensitive information. 

The stakes have never been higher for businesses to eliminate paper-based billing processes.  Compliance violations and security breaches put businesses at risk of huge fines and penalties, lost clients, reputational damage and more!  Delivering bills doesn’t have to be such a risky proposition.    

During this webinar, attendees will hear the latest IOFM research on the prevalence of paper-based billing processes, how these billing processes put businesses at risk of compliance violations and security breaches, how electronic invoicing networks uniquely address these issues, and the operational and strategic benefits businesses are achieving with electronic invoicing delivery.