Accounts Payable fraud prevention webinar: Stop the AP Fraudster

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Fraud expert Chris Doxey reveals the 20 controls you need in place to control fraud in purchase-to-pay

Despite receiving more attention than ever – vendor billing fraud continues to plague Finance teams. But what controls can organisations actually put in place to stop it happening once and for all?

In this MasterClass, Chris Doxey, one of the leading experts in this field, reviews each fraud risk in the Accounts Payables process and provides practical guidance on the controls needed to manage them (as well as how to prioritize the controls).

Whatsmore, using Accounts Payable case studies (not from any Basware customers we might add!), she highlights what can go wrong when any of the 20 controls are missing from your processes.

Viewers will receive the tool Chris uses so that you can apply the methodology to your own organisation.

To download the slides, click here.