How CFOs can improve and increase Working Capital to fuel their company’s growth

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Fomer Superdry CFO, Chas Howes, explains

Accelerating growth and increasing working capital in organisations can be extremely demanding. Tight cash control and management of working capital are required. There are many ways to improve working capital, however with limited resources available, CFOs need to know which methods and working capital solutions are the most effective.

In this MasterClass Chas covers:

  • The growth of SuperDry, how it was achieved, and the role finance played in this
  • How the use of technology facilitated growth and increased working capital
  • The financial controls that were put in place at Superdry to support growth
  • How Chas was involved in developing and executing brand management strategies that underpinned cash-flow generation and drove growth
  • Learning’s from a recent ‘start-up’ venture and how the management of working capital differs to that of Superdry in a small business

If you’re facing the same issues in your organisation watch our video with Chas on how to increase working capital and contact us for a detailed conversation on how Basware can help you overcome these challenges and find a right solution for increasing working capital in your company.