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Basware's insider guidelines comply with the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Guidelines for Insiders.


The insider guidelines forbid insiders, including persons under their guardianship and companies where they exercise control, to trade in shares or option rights issued of the company for a period of four weeks prior to the publication of an interim report or a financial statements bulletin (the so-called closed window).

By law, the company public insiders include members of the Board, CEO, auditors and the auditor in charge of the company of public accountants as well as Executive Team members responsible for the key business areas. In addition, the Company has a company-specific insider register that includes those who regularly receive insider information in their work. Persons who are involved in acquisitions or other projects that have an effect on the valuation of the company's shares, are considered project-specific insiders and are subject to a temporary trading suspension.

The company lawyer is in charge of the guidance and supervision of insider issues and also maintains the project-specific insider registers if necessary. The communications manager takes care of the permanent insider register. The insider register of Basware Corporation is maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd. The up-to-date shareholdings of the insiders can be seen in Euroclear Finland Ltd's customer service point in Helsinki, Finland, address Urho Kekkosen katu 5 C. The company also maintains a list of insiders below.

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Insider register of Basware Corporation

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