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Basware enterprise solutions simplify complex financial processes, improve collaboration, and reduce the cost of commerce for enterprises around the world

Streamline internal purchase & invoice processes. Speed up external transactions and payments with trading partners via the Basware Network.

For large enterprises, changing company structures and volatile markets have made cash flow visibility and working capital management super-critical, and bottom line cost control essential. Organizations everywhere are trying to lower operational costs, control employee expenses, manage demand, improve supplier and customer relations and increase the accuracy of financial forecasting – while simultaneously increasing the agility and efficiency of their cross-border commerce.

Large enterprises are looking to their suppliers as sources of innovation and competitive advantage. Businesses are adopting commerce networks to ease the process of locating, transacting and collaborating with suppliers and other trading partners, without fear of the complexity inherent in international trade.

Why enterprises partner with Basware

Basware works with enterprises around the world to automate accounts payable, e-procurement and e-Invoicing processes.  

We offer a unique combination of 25 years of experience in financial process automation, global network reach and leading-edge technology innovation. Our Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) solutions, coupled with the Basware Network, enable our customers to benefit from true multi-enterprise financial collaboration.

Basware solutions allow large organizations to:

  • Streamline financial processes across the transaction cycle
  • Automate finance operations across AP, AR, procurement, and travel & expense management
  • Collaborate effectively across all supplier and customer transactions and relationships
  • Gain full visibility, control and compliance over 100% of spend
  • Increase process efficiencies and significantly reduce operational costs
  • Free up staff to focus on high-value activities to boost cash flows

Getting started with Basware is easy

Replace costly, manual processes with fast, error-free, paperless ones. Keep the systems and data you already have, but make them work harder and smarter for your business.

Basware software solutions have been designed from the ground up to tackle the inherent complexity that is preventing today’s enterprises from realizing the true value of their trading relationships.
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From the Basware Blog

Here’s how we do it:

Optimized financial processes

Enterprises use our solutions to optimize purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash workflows. The result? Immediate resource efficiencies and rapid ROI created by agile financial processes, complete spend visibility and improved cash flow management. Basware combines social, mobile, analytic and workflow technologies to align internal financial processes. This leads to significant and sustainable efficiencies and cost savings.

Enterprise-class cloud solutions

Customers can start to simplify financial processes with a single process or fully automate the entire buying and selling cycle from day 1. Basware’s flexible enterprise solutions easily integrate with complex financial environments and multi-organisational structures. They allow buyers and sellers to control all purchase and invoice transactions within a single, collaborative environment.

Open, collaborative commerce

We believe enterprises should be free to trade securely and efficiently without boundaries. That’s why we created the Basware Network.

The Basware Network connects enterprises together with their suppliers and customers via open, secure, 100% electronic transaction collaboration that scales to cover all the interactions, transactions and relationships that define buyer/seller commerce. Our customers engage, connect and transact across the Basware Network to gain immediate cost savings, process improvements and actionable insights into financial data that enable more effective payment strategies.

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