Best practices to boostShared Service Center excellence while reducing costs


It has been proven that shared service centers (SSCs) deliver on cost, quality, productivity and customer service metrics.

However, they are often viewed as cost centers within a business, so they remain very cost-sensitive. Basware can help reduce the cost of SSC operations and boost their effectiveness, thanks to purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing best practices that create stakeholder value without causing a disruption or over-complicating matters. We strive to be a flexible partner that enables your SSC to be the best it can be.

Balance your needs with standardized solutions

Our flexible applications balance standardization with flexibility, keeping your costs in check and ensuring the efficiency of your processes as your business grows. Basware's purchase-to-pay, e-invoicing and Basware Network solutions all help standardize your financial processes - and our extensive experience with supplier integration and ERP interfaces means we provide a holistic approach that is tried and tested.

Optimize efficiency by increasing automation

Adopting Basware’s software and service platform brings you greater automation and reduces overheads. We help you rationalize you purchase-to-pay processes and mask complexity. Our solutions immediately eliminate the pressures of manual data entry from your SSC team – reducing errors and improving efficiencies. High-volume, multi-language transactional processes are immediately enabled, easily integrating multi-department, multi-organization workflows.

Working with multiple data sources is often complicated, but Basware makes it relatively straightforward. Our anyERP integration solution has been used with over 250 back-end systems around the world, and many of our larger customers have multiple systems – some more than 30 – which we consolidate with one AP automation solution.

A CFO's Guidelines for Streamlining SSC Operations

A CFO's Guidelines for Streamlining SSC Operations

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Read how these companies have benefitted from Basware solutions in their SSCs:

- South Australian Government (Australia)

- Strukton Worksphere (Netherlands)

- ADT and Tyco Fire (UK)

- Loomis, Sayles & Co. (USA)




Designed with users in mind

Maximizing process optimization requires many different elements. Best practices built into our solution over 25 years in the industry play a big part. A highly ergonomic user interface means your heavy users have efficient and effective tools to do their job, while casual users will find their interaction with the process intuitive, collaborative and mobile.

In addition to a user-friendly solution, key stakeholders benefit from Basware Analytics, which brings operational and strategic insights to the process. This actionable, real-time information across the financial supply chain helps you identify process, data and resource-based improvements in your SSC performance.

Benefits for shared service centers

  • More time for value-added tasks. SSCs benefit from standardized processes, flexible supplier integration and ERP interfaces that replace complexity with purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing best practices. This takes pressure off your SSC team and leaves them with more time to focus on value-adding tasks.
  • Quick supplier on-boarding. Basware offers proactive Supplier Activation services. Accelerate e-invoice adoption while engaging your supplier base.
  • Greater automation. In order to create maximum efficiency, you need a highly automated process. Basware automates purchase-to-pay processes wherever possible and engages stakeholders only when manual input is required.
  • Accurate matching. Receive high-quality invoice data through the Basware Network, combined with a sophisticated invoice matching engine, and ensure most invoices can be processed without human touch.
  • Easier communication with suppliers. Supplier self-service is possible via the Basware Network’s portal, providing suppliers with visibility into their invoices and orders and thereby reducing time spent on queries or disputes.
  • Optimization boost from analytics. SSC performance can be continuously improved using insights derived from Basware Analytics. Purchase-to-pay transactional data is easily accessed and displayed in compelling visuals that engage users. Such real-time visibility enables rapid SSC service level evolution.
  • Stronger supplier relationships. The Basware Network enables you to build closer ties with suppliers, thus strengthening relationships. The resulting transaction efficiencies also allow you to benefit from early payment discount opportunities.

Key features

100% e-invoicing

Get off paper immediately with one of our 100% e-invoicing solutions. Our supplier activation service will get most of your suppliers into the Basware Network quickly. For suppliers who continue to send you paper, we offer a scan and capture service that will intercept your invoices and send them to you electronically. We will even store, return or destroy the paper invoices for you.
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Accounts payable automation

Basware's AP automation solutions offer control, visibility and cost savings. Control is built into the system and supports both automated and manual invoice handling. Every stakeholder has visibility into their payables tasks, as well as a personal archive. An automated process provides a cost reduction of 20-60%, and creates more opportunities to take advantage of early payment discounts.
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Basware's procurement solutions enable more informed purchasing activities all the way from sourcing, contract lifecycle management, catalog management, requisition and order creation to managing buying behavior through the use of real-time analytics.  
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Basware Analytics

Basware Analytics provides actionable insights across the purchase-to-pay process. Key stakeholders can access stunningly visual dashboards and graphs covering enterprise-wide spend data, process performance KPIs and cash positions. All users are empowered with purchase-to-pay insight, allowing them to make better financial decisions for your business.
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Basware Mobile helps you remove bottlenecks in your financial process by giving your people 24/7 access to their purchase-to-pay tasks via their mobile or tablet devices. Native apps support iOS, Android, and HTML5 client for Windows-based devices, allowing anywhere, anytime access to all SSC users and service customers.

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