Boost the efficiency of yourbusiness process outsourcing service


With Basware, you can increase the competitiveness of your business process outsourcing (BPO) and ensure you deliver value to BPO customers throughout the finance outsourcing lifecycle.

We make finance and accounting processes more cost-efficient and effective with best-in-class automation solutions coupled with our global supplier network. Basware solutions enable more productive long-term relationships that benefit both the BPO provider and the BPO service consumer.


Our solutions bring benefits in three phases.

Short term: improve efficiency immediately

Basware solutions allow you to harmonize financial processes across complex customer environments. We enable you to remove paper and adopt electronic invoicing from day one, with multi-ERP integration that can be tailored to any IT landscape. The Basware Network accelerates purchase-to-pay transaction exchange by making it easy to activate your suppliers to receive e-orders and send e-invoices -  no matter where they are in the world.

Medium term: create enduring cost savings

By adding end-to-end purchase-to-pay process enablement and supplier integration to existing BPO platforms, you can ensure your customers increase on-contract spending and benefit from fully-automated invoice processing. Using tools such as social-media based collaboration and real-time transaction validation, you will also be able to remove the low-value tasks that plague ongoing supplier management.

Long term: differentiate by continuously adding value

Basware’s analytics tools provide insights into operational process performance and enable identification of  strategic cashflow and working capital opportunities. This allows BPO providers to add incremental, ongoing value to their customers above and beyond simple process improvements, operational efficiencies and cost control.

From the Basware Blog

Do more with less: automate invoice processing

Despite being a key finance and accounting process, manual accounts payable processes still predominate across a lot of industries. Resource intensive and error-prone, a typical accounts payable clerk can manually handle only between 5,000 and 10,000 invoices a year.

Implementing basic workflow capabilities can increase this volume to 15,000 invoices per year. Adding automated, purchase order-based and plan-based invoice-matching systems can increase this volume even further: to 30,000+ invoices per year. The best results are achieved when the supplier base is involved in the process, and best-in-class technologies are employed to connect trading partners together. In these cases, invoice processing rates per full-time equivalent (FTE) surpass 100, 000+ invoices per year.

Key benefits

1. Efficiency gains

Benefits to BPO customers:

  • Access to cutting-edge, future-proof purchase-to-pay (P2P) software
  • Immediate connectivity to a thriving network of active buyers and suppliers
  • Extended reach and depth of BPO value delivered across typical service metrics

Benefits to BPO providers:

  • Delivery of more efficient services thanks to integrated, world-leading financial automation solutions
  • Easy identification of service improvement opportunities, ensuring that value delivery goes beyond merely labor arbitrage


2. Cost savings

Benefits to BPO customers:

  • Opportunity for capital improvement programs as a result of exceeding service performance targets
  • Increased control over spending, and greater visibility of accounts payable obligations

Benefits to BPO providers:

  • Flexible pricing model, which allow for periods of growth and retraction in your business – helping you meet the needs of your customers while protecting margins
  • Introduction of standardized processes across multiple customers – ensuring significant commercial gains can be delivered throughout the BPO contract


3. Exponential value

Benefits to BPO customers:

  • 360-degree benchmarking of purchase-to-pay transaction efficiency and supplier performance, delivering the insights required for continuous BPO service improvement

Benefits to BPO providers:

  • Insights into transactional data and trends, which allow increasingly profitable services to be offered
  • Improved customer value, bolstering future renewal decisions and negotiations

Key features

100% electronic invoicing

Get off paper immediately with one of our 100% e-invoicing solutions. Our supplier activation service will bring your suppliers onto the Basware Network quickly. For suppliers who continue to send you paper, we offer a scan and capture service that will intercept invoices and send them to you electronically. We will even store, return or destroy the paper invoices for you.
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Accounts payable automation

Basware's AP automation solutions offer control, visibility and cost savings. Control is built into the system and supports both fully-automated and manual invoice handling. Every stakeholder has visibility into their purchase-to-pay tasks, as well as a personal archive. An automated process provides a cost reduction of 20-60%, and creates more opportunities to take advantage of early payment discounts.
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Basware's procurement solutions support the entire procurement lifecycle, all the way from sourcing, contract lifecycle management, catalog management, requisition and order creation to managing behavior through the use of analytics.
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Basware Analytics

Basware Analytics provides reporting across the entire purchase-to-pay process. Key stakeholders can access stunning reports and dashboards of KPIs, processes and financial data. Users gain immediate purchase-to-pay insight, allowing them to make better, more informed financial decisions. Fact-based decision-making across the financial supply chain ensures proactive cash and cost management, plus continuous process improvement.
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Basware Mobile helps you remove bottlenecks in the process by giving your people 24/7 access to their purchase-to-pay tasks via their mobile or tablet devices. Native apps support iOS and Android devices, and an HTML5 client supports Windows-based operating systems.

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