Electronic invoicing solutionsfor the automotive industry


Basware is the world’s leading provider of e-invoicing and purchase to pay solutions for the automotive industry. Thousands of automotive suppliers and manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Daimler, MAN and Volkswagen, use the Basware Network every day to exchange electronic invoices and other supply chain documents.

For car manufacturers, the challenge of automation lies in the long list of small-volume suppliers. Manual processes for handling paper documents, such as scanning invoices with optical character recognition, are simply too laborious and error-prone for efficient, profitable operations.

Eliminate paper and reduce cost

To make financial processes more transparent and deliver benefits to all stakeholders, Basware has developed a range of highly advanced, cost-efficient e-invoicing solutions for the automotive sector. They enable suppliers and buyers to quickly and smoothly eliminate paper, and replace it with their preferred data formats and transfer protocols for exchanging transaction data.

Supporting automotive industry standards

The Basware Network enables the exchange of e-invoices and other electronic documents across the entire value chain. An integral part of the network is the Basware Automotive Gateway, Basware’s industry-specific technology platform that provides the solutions and services that make this transaction collaboration possible.

The Basware Automotive Gateway substantially simplifies the process of sending and receiving electronic invoices and other documents that underpin the industry’s supply chain. More than 12,000 format conversion and workflow rules automate and accelerate the exchange of electronic documents between over 5,000 suppliers and automotive manufacturers. Basware supports every common automotive industry standard, and lends its expertise to committees and associations tasked with defining such standards across the globe.

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For more information about how Basware is working with the automotive industry to implement e-invoicing, download our Whitepaper: Electronic Invoicing in the Automotive Industry


Activation Services for supplier on-boarding

To benefit fully from automated financial processes, car manufacturers need to get all their suppliers onboard. Fortunately, Basware makes this transition quick and painless through its unique Supplier Activation service. Our global service team works with manufacturers to empower their suppliers with instant access to e-invoicing via a series of easy, collaborative approaches and simple tools.

The benefits of automation are both compelling and proven: major cost savings, minimized human error, increased transparency of processes, accelerated invoice processing speeds, simplified auditing, better cash flow forecasting and assured tax compliance both manufacturer and supplier.

Benefits for automotive manufacturers

Companies who receive high volumes of invoices, such as automotive manufacturers, aim to achieve the highest level of automation possible. Therefore, they often have complex and specific needs regarding data content, formats and transfer protocols. At Basware, our services are proven to be able to cater to every demand, and to make the experience of e-invoicing adoption both easy and efficient. Our solutions allow automotive manufacturers to:

  • Connect instantaneously to the widest network of enabled suppliers.
  • Automate invoice validation, including mandatory and optional fields, accurate calculation and tax compliance.
  • Create individual reports and interfaces, with support for complex approval scenarios.
  • Complete the handling of supplier activation and onboarding.

Basware offers unique, tailored solutions for e-invoice receivers within the automotive industry as well as a range of e-invoice sending solutions for suppliers, all of which aim to maximize the benefits of true electronic transaction collaboration across all tiers of supply.

Benefits for automotive suppliers

  • Enjoy a complete service that offers secure, cost-efficient e-invoicing.
  • Avoid the expense inherent in implementing process or interface changes.
  • Use existing e-invoice connections for several buyers.
  • Benefit from improved transparency and receivables forecasting.
  • Speed up your collections processes compared to paper invoicing.
  • Assured tax compliance, including the provision of digital signatures.

Solution highlights

Basware Portal

Suppliers who send low volumes of invoices can take advantage of our easy-to-use web portal for manual invoice entry. The Basware Network’s portal can also be used for receiving and acknowledging orders. This service converts orders into e-invoices with a single mouse click. This service is offered free of charge to suppliers.

e-Invoice Email Lite

Basware e-Invoice Email Lite allows automotive manufacturers to receive e-invoices from even their smallest suppliers. PDF invoices sent via email are received as e-invoices directly into the accounts payable system. Basware uses data from the embedded text in the PDF to convert them into detailed e-invoices that can be rapidly processed. This service is offered free of charge to suppliers.

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e-Invoice Virtual Printer

Basware e-Invoice Virtual Printer is a simple, scalable solution for suppliers that are not EDI-capable. Printing is redirected to a virtual printer and transferred to the Basware Network, at which point the documents are converted to e-invoices and sent directly to the car manufacturer’s invoice processing systems.

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Basware EDI includes the installation and operation of all interfaces, the sending and receiving of structured data, conversion to in-house formats – including XML, iDocs, VDA, EDIFACT, ANSIX12 – and the creation of an invoice image for integration into your ERP system.

Easy standard conversion

Basware has developed a process that integrates new standards quickly and easily. Invoices sent to us in the VDA 4906 format are verified, tested and forwarded in the VDA 4938 format. We also fill in any missing details, such as tax identification numbers and address details.

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