Of course, many suppliers also make the move because they recognize that it will deliver tangible business benefits throughout the organization and open them up to new opportunities.

Whatever the reason, the B2B Cloud provides the answer.

The B2B Cloud is an open, secure, collaborative commerce ecosystem that removes the complexity from B2B commerce. It delivers optimized sales order and sales invoice processing, along with deeper customer relationships and improved financial performance. It means that suppliers can now easily do business with virtually any customer, anywhere in the world.

With the B2B Cloud, we make e-invoicing easy. You can begin sending e-invoices from day one—whether via email, portal, Virtual Printer or direct integration with your billing system. Choose from our pre-configured packages designed to help you get started fast.

Benefits for suppliers

  • No barriers to connect to all customers (register once, trade globally)
  • Real-time transparency—collaborate across every transaction in real time
  • Faster process, faster payments, fewer errors
  • Better cash flows and more accurate forecasting
  • Improved visibility into order-to-cash cycle, reduced DSO
  • Improved customer service and better trading relationships
  • Quicker dispute resolution via social collaboration using tools that look like your favorite social media platforms
  • Lower environmental impact

Plus, as you are also a customer to your own suppliers, take a look at our purchase-to-pay packages to see how we can help you simplify the entire B2B commerce cycle.

Every business wants to be the supplier of choice to their biggest and best customers. Today, an increasing number of these customers are requesting their suppliers move to paperless processes that fit in with their own evolving systems. The challenge is how to achieve this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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