The Basware Network is different. No matter what size your business, you can now take advantage of an open, secure, collaborative commerce ecosystem. One that streamlines purchasing, invoicing and expense claim processing—all while deepening trading relationships and improving your finances. And one that will help you trade more effectively with customers and suppliers of all sizes anywhere in the world.

We have created a number of pre-defined solutions that cover the most common challenges growing businesses face. For example, many need to break their paper habit, removing paper-based, manual processes from their finance departments in order to deliver faster processes and faster payments. Others need to respond to customer demands to adopt e-invoicing. To help, we’ve created a range of solutions including InvoiceReady, an e-invoicing and accounts payable automation solution optimized for the small business. See the full list at our page: Sending e-invoices with Basware.

Benefits for growing companies

  • Quicker processes, faster payments, improved cash flow
  • Access to world-class processes from day one
  • The ability to start with a single process (e.g., e-invoicing)
  • Rapid implementation and time to value
  • Easy to use, easy to buy, easy to realize the benefits
  • Real time ability to check status, correct errors and resolve disputes
  • Integrates with any infrastructure and any back end

At one time, taking advantage of modern B2B commerce involved the kind of investment and infrastructure only larger companies could access. The options for smaller, growing businesses inevitably meant a compromise that only offered a fraction of the possible value.

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