Today’s enterprises are drowning in paper—purchase orders, remittances, delivery notes, statements, credit reports, invoices… the list goes on and on. Even if we just focus on invoices alone—we find that over 150 billion are issued around the world every single year. Add in the rest and we’d be approaching two billion documents—every single working day.

But change is hard. Expensive legacy systems. Departmental silos. The globalization of your supply base and customer markets. It all adds up to a bewildering degree of complexity.

We can help.

The B2B Cloud is an open, secure, collaborative commerce ecosystem that removes the complexity from B2B commerce. It optimizes your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, deepens supplier relationships, improves customer service and turbo charges financial performance. Plus it seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP and accounting systems so you can get all the benefits with none of the risks.

You can select from an on-premise or hosted solution (or a hybrid). Choose from pre-defined packaged options or we’ll design a custom offering to match your individual needs. And, should you need them, our professional services team is on hand to help you begin realizing value fast.

Benefits for enterprises

  • Dramatic efficiency gains through immediate paper elimination
  • Better cash and working capital visibility, improved forecasting
  • Measurable cost control and risk management
  • Optimized payment timing and discounts
  • Better, deeper supplier and customer relationships
  • Real-time collaboration across trading partners
  • Lower environmental impact

Virtually every enterprise on the planet faces the challenge of complexity. It’s built in to almost every aspect of how you do business with other companies. It makes you slow, limits control and costs money.

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