Global e-payments

Benefit from longer payment time while your suppliers can enjoy early and guaranteed payments.

Basware’s e-payments service extends your purchase-to-pay (P2P) with a new global payment solution. The new solution provides the buyer with extended payment terms, whilst ensuring the supplier benefits from early, guaranteed payment with rich remittance data to boost their accounts receivable process efficiencies.

The service  is offered in cooperation with MasterCard, one of the world’s largest payment networks. The partnership combines MasterCard's global payment network offering with Basware Commerce Network to offer a unique payment solution enabling huge opportunities to both buyers and suppliers. It is transforming the way how companies pay and get paid.


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Watch video interviews with Esa Tihilä, CEO of Basware and Hany Fam, President, Global Strategic Alliances, MasterCard

1/4 What is the partnership about? (03:45)

2/4 What does this partnership mean for global businesses? (04:07)

3/4 How will this partnership impact the economy and supply chain? (03:56)

4/4 Where will we be in two years time? (02:01)

Press Release

Partnership combines MasterCard's global payment network with the Basware Commerce Network.


Do you want to get started in simplifying your payments and boosting your cash flow?


Read Hany Fam's (President, Global Strategic Alliances, MasterCard) thoughts about the new partnership.

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@MasterCard and @Basware transform the way businesses pay and get paid, simpler #epayments & better #cashflow for

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Basware and MasterCard launch e-payment: getting paid sooner as well as a longer payment due date

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