The sweet taste of chocolate

Vice President of Marketing Communications

It's increasingly accepted that chocolate – dark chocolate in particular – has a number of health benefits. Perhaps less well known, is that there is a close correlation between chocolate and financial software.

While chocolate can be good for individuals, Basware e-invoicing and other purchase-to-pay cycle solutions are good for boosting the health of the business.

At first glance, this may seem like a bit of a stretch. But we've found that the top six scientifically proven benefits of chocolate relate closely to the top six benefits of Basware (according to our customers).

So, here they are:

  Chocolate Basware
  1. Improves your thinking, cognitive power and problem solving by giving you an energy boost
1. Improves your thinking, cognitive power and problem solving by giving you total control over cashflow
  2. Strengthens muscle mass, helping you live longer and more healthily

2. Makes you look good with fast and easy integration of solutions across the purchase-to-pay cycle
  3. Boosts your memory, attention span and reaction time
3. Boosts your access, business agility and reaction times
  4. Lowers your blood pressure - helps the heart and arteries
4. Promotes a better work life balance

  5. Fights heart disease and illness with antioxidants

5. Makes the heart of your business pump more vigorously by unlocking working capital and reducing costs
  6. Makes you feel good and reduces stress
6. Helps you control risk, reduce mistakes and avoid stress

Perhaps most importantly, chocolate keeps relationships going – romance and friendships need enjoyment and sharing. Quite a feat for the humble cocoa bean! We keep things simple, because we know what’s important to you. Quite a feat for a financial software solution.

Hopefully this fun little guide gives you some ideas of how, like chocolate, Basware e-invoicing and Purchase to pay solutions do you good! Not only are they deliciously easy, but they give you the power to take complete control of your company’s order and invoicing flows. Giving you smart performance and enjoyment in a functional package.