Purchase to Pay Analytics: Meet the Spend Overview Dashboard

Product Marketing Manager

Basware Analytics for the Alusta platform comes with out-of-the-box dashboards and stunning data visualization that enable you to manage spend from day one.

The Spend Overview dashboard pulls information from your AP Automation solution and automatically maps it to purchasing categories. These are displayed in the dashboard. This category-level information enables you to easily identify where your business spends the most, and who the key suppliers are in each category.

You can easily drill-down from a high level global spend overview to more detailed views of your organisation’s spend. You can filter by organization, cost center, category or even by location. Simply select areas of the map to view spend in the countries that interest you.

All categories expand for more granular spend visibility. Just click the main category to view its sub-categories.

Use other dashboards to address issues like maverick spend or to identify supplier rationalisation opportunities.

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Screenshot: Spend Overview dashboard on Basware Analytics for Alusta