Unlocking business value is in our DNA

Vice President of Marketing Communications

Basware has been undergoing a transformation. On the surface we are refreshing our story and messaging, as portrayed for example on Basware’s new website, but this is a reflection of a deeper evolution of our core purpose. This marks the transition into a company that unlocks value in a connected business world.

Looking at the way businesses operate today, the way they buy and sell is often highly inefficient. Procedures are too complex, visibility is poor, processes involve too many people and too much paper, approvals take too much time and mistakes are still made. At the same, the sheer volume of invoices sent between companies globally each year is tremendous, amounting to even hundreds of billions as estimated by research institutions. As a result, billions are wasted. We see and discuss these real, every-day challenges with our customers in customer events, such as our own Basware Experience user forums, around the world.

Releasing the flow of cash and access to finance is everyone’s priority regardless of company size and industry sector. Not only does it ensure successful businesses don't suffer, but it helps stimulate today’s healing economic climate. To stimulate an economy – at micro and macro levels – commerce needs to flow freely between buyers and sellers. By creating transparency, efficiency and control within its financial system, an organisation can survive and compete for a long time.

Cash could flow so much better - and businesses could connect much more with each other – than they do today. This is something we recognised already almost 30 years ago when we first invented the AP automation and then the e-invoicing business, which has also driven our transformation as the world moves to an increasingly real-time economy.

This has been built into our DNA, and can be best represented by three core pillars:

  • One open network to connect businesses and unlock the value previously locked up in slow, manual invoicing - enabled by Basware Network, the largest open business network in the world
  • Market leadership through the provision of innovative solutions for better buying and selling, as well as in the expertise and spirit of our people
  • The success of our customers who achieved visibility into their financial processes and achieved a much needed financial stability

To discuss how we can help your organisation to unlock value in a connected business world and to fully understand Basware's new approach, we encourage you to attend Basware Experience 2014. For more information on these globally arranged user forums, please visit your local website at www.basware.com. Through a series of seminars, customer and partner presentations, expert contributions and demonstrations, the full scope of Basware's transformation will become clear.