Giving Change Makers the tools they need to lead transformation

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Every organisation - and often every department - has a number of change makers. These are the remarkable individuals that spur new levels of innovation and evolution within the business.

For Basware, we focus on those that are capitalising on automation solutions to transform the performance of their Accounts Payable (AP) departments. 

For these AP Change Makers, we are providing a helping hand with the launch of a new toolkit to help them initiate AP automation projects within their businesses. AP Automation brings process improvements, control, visibility and efficiencies that can unlock the flow of cash and access to finance within any business, regardless of size or industry sector.

Cash could flow so much better - and businesses could connect much more with each other – than they do today. Automation solutions and e-invoicing help create transparency, efficiency and control within an organisation's financial system. 

Our new toolkit is a suite of practical assets designed to provide all the content required to present to management why now is the right time to change, what the cost of non-action is and what the benefits are for the business as well as the relationships with customers and suppliers.
The toolkit consists of three core assets that work together to offer a compelling business case to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders and that no elements are missed.

1. Check-Lists

Experience has shown that, when evaluating an Automation project, there are a variety of benefits that are often overlooked and vital elements that can be easily missed.

A useful checklist is the ideal way to see the big picture and ensure that all key success factors are considered when planning an AP transformation and automation project.

As part of the toolkit, this simple check-list highlights ways in which invoice automation makes AP more efficient, key value drivers of best-practice and best-in-class performance. 

This offers a straightforward connection to some of the key concepts that must be understood before pushing ahead with such a project. It also provides access to some of the latest thinking, industry results and differentiators between different technology enablers.

2. Kick-Starter Presentation

Successfully initiating change within the business always requires support from management. Hence, our toolkit also includes a kick-starter presentation to help set the internal business case for change.

The slides are designed to be easily modified to match the company's presentation template. They include market data, simple business case inputs and examples of companies that have achieved best-in-class AP performance.

This gives AP Change Makers the evidence and empirical imperative needed to convince others within the organisation on the need for change and the potential rewards that can be attained.

3. RFP template 

Once the case has been made and approval has been granted, it's time to consider vendors. No matter the project, choosing the right solution partner is crucial. This RFP template provides the first step towards doing just that. In-depth RFP guide to help you and your procurement colleagues ask the right questions of potential suppliers.

It consists of a comprehensive list of the most important questions for objectively assessing potential AP Automation vendors, e-invoicing service providers and their capabilities. Based on industry best practices, it covers a range of topics, including corporate performance, company strategy, solution capability and development strategy as well as global service provision.

The detailed template helps ensure that all company information, references and proposed solution features are captured. It also helps establish vendor approaches to critical areas such as supplier on-boarding, analytics and broader purchase-to-pay.

All together these three elements form a toolkit that will help AP Change Makers effectively lead change within the business through a successful automation project.

This new toolkit is completely free and available now starting here. 

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