Automotive Supplier Day - Driving e-invoicing growth

Director, Center of Excellence, Global Sales

This week Basware will welcome over 300 automotive industry suppliers in the inaugural Suppliers Day in Offenbach, Frankfurt. We're delighted to involve manufacturing heavyweights, including Audi, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen and the many suppliers who make the industry so strong, in a day of open discussion around driving financial processes forward.

The automotive industry is enormous and full of intricacies, which make it a challenging environment to optimise. Basware works with both manufacturers and suppliers to implement processes that speed up financial transactions – the packaging, sending, receiving and processing of invoices. We're now also able to offer e-payments through our partnership with MasterCard, to further speed up payments cycles and support Just-In-Time manufacturing strategies.

The event in Frankfurt will give these businesses - from smaller specialist suppliers through to the manufacturing giants - a chance to come together to discuss the most pressing issues in the industry.

Discussion will center on putting e-invoicing into practice, promoting faster connections, and looking ahead to future financial and manufacturing challenges. Richard Erzberger, International Process Management at Daimler AG, will deliver the opening keynote.

Typical e-invoicing challenges for automotive companies are related to the format and content of invoices. Big supplier networks, combined with the many intricacies within the invoices themselves, can create barriers to adoption. Basware is the interpreter that gets these companies talking the same invoicing language.

Activating suppliers becomes more straightforward as a result of this easier process. With thousands of suppliers, buyers can’t afford to explain a complicated process to each one. Yet suppliers are under pressure to comply with buyer requirements. This is why Basware has developed a range of easy and flexible solutions for suppliers that comply with buyers’ needs and make it easy to manage this complexity. For example, we have developed our supplier portal to ensure a smooth dialog for buyers and suppliers in the automotive industry.

We really want people to come away from the day with a feeling that there are easy solutions out there to help them serve their customers better and solve all their billing/AR challenges related to e-invoicing. Ultimately, that’s what many of our customers and partners are looking to achieve.


Automotive Supplier Day event, November 13-14, Offenbach, Germany, read more here >

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