More diversified world of visual arts while the world has become smaller: The passion for the craft and the art of networking go hand in hand

Contemporary visual artist, Contemporary visual artist,

Being a visual artist has changed from a hobby to a profession and way of life for me over the years. Instead of talking about the perpetual hardships of being a visual artist, I would like to highlight the great aspects of the craft, and how it is possible to prosper as an artist.

When you work as an artist, you can do things at your own pace with your own schedules, which is extremely great, but also challenging. You need to be your own manager, worker, think tank, and promoter.

The world of visual arts has become more diversified while the world has become smaller, and an increasing number of artists have an opportunity to find their place in it, utilizing their skills and talent in a versatile way. Contemporary artists are not actually bound to any style or tradition; you can expand your expression as much as your imagination takes you. Participation, networking, and finding new contacts have also become possible and easier for anyone during this era of digital communication. Of course, you need to have a burning desire for the craft and profession, as well as strong faith in what you do, the will and openness to take part and seize opportunities.

Art, in essence, needs an audience as well as sponsors, and Basware has proven itself as one for years with its art competition for young artists, The Art of Basware. The competition does not only benefit the winner, but also a large number of young artists are given an opportunity to display their work to wider and completely new audience.  To me, winning the competition meant first and foremost a certain kind of a milestone as an artist, and there has also been a lot of interest in my artistic work as its result. A lot of high-quality and multifaceted art is created in my home country Finland and around the world, and it pays to invest in it. The Art of Basware is a fine example of this.