The Art of Basware - Harnessing 'Growth' with global event

Chief Marketing Officer

For the last 15 years Basware has been running The Art of Basware, an annual young artists’ competition designed to highlight and encourage young people to develop their skills as well as innovate and engage with a larger audience.

The competition has gone from strength of strength, but until now we've kept things local, only promoting the competition within our home country of Finland. But, as we've grown as a company and in keeping with this year's theme of 'Growth', I'm immensely proud to say that in 2014 we're taking The Art of Basware competition out to a global audience.

At a glance it may seem odd for a company like Basware to sponsor an art competition, but we firmly believe that there exists a deep connection between creativity and commerce. I'm not referring to the transactional terms of the 'business of art' but rather to the freedom and appreciation of a vision realised. For artists, commerce can be the thing that enables them to experiment and to create.

Creativity comes in many forms, just as anyone can pick up a brush and put paint to canvas, but it takes the flair of creativity to imbue that painting with meaning and beauty. In the same way, when a business is freed up from the day-to-day grind of chasing invoices and manually processing payments, precious resources are unlocked. This frees up the business to focus on engagement and growth.

Basware is a forerunner in e-engagement and connected economy. It is this correlation of engaging with our customers - and with each other through the Basware Network - alongside the engagement of entrants with society, and a growing network of artists that the theme of Growth arose.

For anyone who is interested in participating details can be found here. All entries must be received by 21 March 2014 and we're looking forward to seeing some fantastic, creative entries from around the world.

Category: Market trends