Meeting Evolving Financial Process Needs with Flexible Cloud Services

Today’s businesses and individuals are less encumbered by constraints of time and place. New time- and location-independent devices and services have seen to that. Four key disruptive forces – Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytics – and the increasing ease of integration across financial systems have prompted if not a revolution, then a significant evolution in the way businesses consume and harness technology.

We have also seen new business-to-business commerce practices. The ongoing pursuit of cost competitiveness, in a globalised business environment, has increased the focus on optimising every aspect of the financial supply chain. 'Multi-enterprise collaboration' has emerged, an operational practice that sees buyers integrate as many processes and systems as they can with suppliers. This has clearly proven to deliver a significant boost to business agility.

These changes are also shifting user preferences. Basware's own extensive customer consultation has identified a new level of expectation from solutions like our own – with savvy businesses expressing the need for their enterprise solutions to offer:

  • Easy ability to sign up, join and get started
  • Proven financial process expertise built-in
  • Software-as-a-Service on tap – dial up / dial down depending on changing need
  • Rapid speed to productivity and value
  • Accessibility any time, anywhere and on any device

With this insight in mind, we recently announced a vital enhancement to our long-standing cloud solution provision. We’re calling it SaaS One/Two/Three. These three levels of SaaS service for our purchase-to-pay solutions are designed to meet the different requirements of your company, whether you’re a Small to Medium Business (SMBs) or a Global Enterprise.

The launch of this new service is the result of our ongoing commitment to providing solutions optimised for any and all business. We offer our customers the breadth, depth and cost of service to remove any technical or commercial obstacles. This helps to achieve differentiating performance across our customers’ procurement and finance functions and, as a result, drive real benefits to the bottom-line.

Basware SaaS One/Two/Three has been designed to deliver business value from the get-go. Security and uptime is guaranteed, but there are also a number of other flexibilities that you can benefit from, including:

  • Pay as you go – no upfront investments in software licenses
  • Avoid expensive, time-consuming internal IT investments
  • Immediate access to the latest software versions and innovations
  • Free up precious IT resources to focus on higher-value activity
  • Future proof your P2P automation strategy

As your business changes over time, you must ensure that your financial processing solutions can change with you too. Ultimately, this is about meeting the growing need for flexibility, agility and personalisation of service with cloud solutions.

Category: Purchase-to-Pay