MasterCard’s desire to tear up the payments rule book for businesses

President, Global Strategic Alliances, MasterCard

I am so pleased that we have joined forces with Basware. We have lofty ambitions but we’re confident we will deliver on them.

Together we are combining one of the largest payment networks with a transaction network of truly global scale. It will streamline supplier payment and procurement processes and greatly reduce costs.

My goal at MasterCard is to help organisations of all shapes and sizes reinvent and rewire their customer relationships. This deal, however, takes us way beyond one organisation into the way business is done – we are looking at a $400 trillion market in b2b payments. 

Our network, and the behavioural insights it gives us, allows the real-time gamification of invoicing and communication between businesses.  Mobile payments get all the headlines right now, but this partnership allows us to work on the next evolution in business payments.

Together we want to streamline and automate the billing world to make accountants lives infinitely easier and more efficient.

By tapping into our payment network, the partnership will help organisations large and small save time, save money and increase their confidence. It will allow even SMEs to deal with the complicated procurement processes of large, multinational organisations.

We look forward to communicating the next stages of that partnership as it begins to bear fruit.

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