Our financial processes are in hand – we manage P2P on the move

Senior Product Marketing Manager

As a product marketer I get to travel a fair bit. I meet customers and prospects, occasionally run a focus group around usability and then of course bring any insights back into the product development process. One of my favourite events over the past few years has been the series of international focus groups around our Purchase-to-Pay solutions platform.

I would often ask the participants about mobility and how we could best support the needs of an ever more mobile workforce. I can ask you the same question: would you like to be able to approve invoices via your smart phone?

I expect you’d give the same answer that virtually every focus group participant did: 'Yes'. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Especially in small and medium businesses, there is a pressure to be in and out of meetings and to travel around the country or internationally. The importance of client and partner relationships means you have to be ready to jump on a train or a plane at a moment's notice.

In fact, being out of the office is such an intrinsic part of modern business life that many members of these focus groups assumed that this mobile capability already existed.

That assumption is really interesting to me because, if you look around at the different invoice handling or P2P solutions out there, very few actually offer a mobile version of their solution.

That’s good news for Basware, because we recently launched a mobile client for InvoiceReady™. This gives small and medium businesses a cloud-based AP and P2P solution designed specifically to help You go paperless faster. Mobility by itself doesn’t cost InvoiceReady™ customers anything as it’s just new capability added to their cloud solution – this means that with the roll-out of the mobile client to our cloud platform, thousands of small businesses around the world all went mobile simultaneously.

This latest launch builds on what was a complete package with the one thing that was missing – and the one thing that we know businesses want: mobility. All InvoiceReady™ customers will immediately be able to review and approve their P2P documents on the go. I say ‘P2P documents’ casually but it’s actually pretty cool – it means expense claims, purchase requisitions, contracts and invoices, are all available as tasks via your phone or tablet.

With a mobile to client support invoice handling, you can expect invoice cycle times to be reduced as bottlenecks disappear. Together with 24/7 access via any smartphone, your workforce can now prioritise the truly value adding work. Quickly and easily handling invoice related tasks during moments of ‘dead time’ such as a taxi ride or an airport queue, gives you more time to make that important call.

So, if you are like so many of the people I interviewed in focus groups and have assumed your solution would provide a mobile option, well I suppose you are probably disappointed that you don’t have one. But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Check out InvoiceReady™, it’s never been easier to get your invoice handling process controlled, efficient and mobile.




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