Barriers were made to be broken

Director, Center of Excellence, Global Sales

Our 2012 Global E-invoicing Study identified that a number of respondents globally see no barriers to e-invoicing and encouragingly those that do exist for some organizations are far and few between. 

In fact, the key challenge of there being a lack of supplier onboarding capabilities was cited by only 30% of respondents, while cost to suppliers and supplier reluctance resonates with just over a quarter (26%). Encouragingly, this figure is down from 2011 when 46% of businesses considered this issue to be a factor preventing e-invoicing adoption. How times are changing!

With an impressive amount of businesses adopting e-invoicing over the last year, it would seem that the objections and barriers on the supplier side have played a significant role in reducing e-invoicing issues. This could also come down to the broader availability of e-invoicing solutions on the market available to organizations. And perhaps the recognition from buyers that supplier costs in engaging in e-invoice exchange must be kept to a minimum.

What’s exciting is that the barriers that do exist for some organizations are relatively diffuse and what this means is that there is no single issue that is creating an obstacle to adopting e-invoicing.

As more and more companies begin to realize the benefits I see these barriers completely disappearing.  Today, 12% of companies globally are barrier free already!

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