Improving operational efficiencies? Look no further

Director, Center of Excellence, Global Sales

It is promising to see the landscape for e-invoicing continuing to evolve every year as more and more companies realize the core benefits it can bring to their organization. Our 2012 Global E-invoicing Study found that 67% of respondents believe e-invoicing can help to achieve the goal of improving operational efficiencies, compared with just 50% in 2011.

Finally, and I’ve been waiting some time now, the message is out there and the benefits of e-invoicing are being strongly aligned to improvements in process speed and resource efficiencies. In fact, faster invoicing cycles and reduced invoice costs are the top two e-invoice benefits experienced by our respondents – and these are just the top two, let’s not forget improved quality and accuracy of invoicing process and reduced invoicing errors. I could go on!

What is exciting is that, as companies with more sophisticated e-invoice systems experience greater business benefits in terms of cost savings, quality, and supplier relationships, this is providing sufficient incentive for other organizations to review their existing strategy, evaluate it, and take action. Organizations should ensure that everything is being done to optimize processes and cost savings.

More of the benefits can be found in the full report.

And don’t forget to check out our infographic for a quick snapshot of the most interesting findings!

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