No more excuses, realize the benefits

Senior Product Marketing Manager

By Rowan Lemley


As an e-invoicing solution provider, it’s always pleasing to hear about how an e-invoicing solution has had a beneficial impact on finance processes especially if it comes from a company. A lot of the problems that these solutions solve are major bugbears for organizations.

At the same time, it’s always quite surprising to hear when companies think that implementing an e-invoicing solution comes with major complexity. It doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t if you pick the right provider!). This perceived complexity can be a major barrier that stops companies from realising the benefits.

For many organizations, this perception revolves around the idea that new systems will not be able to easily integrate with their existing ones. They worry about file formats and how well one set of data will map onto another.

The good news is that the reality is far less scary. Basware has a 25 year legacy in helping companies implement the technologies that have transformed their fundamental processes.

File formats is often touted as the major hurdle to overcome when integrating. Of course, you will need a solution that helps you avoid potential issues, but it shouldn’t be your responsibility to convert file formats, that’s what the operator is there for. Look for a solution that will convert virtually any format from your existing system to create e-invoices.

Baware’s solutions are designed with interoperability and function combined.

Earlier this year we launched Basware Alusta, a platform which is architected to bring together our world-class B2B process knowledge with intelligent cloud services, optimized to ensure easy connectivity with the Open Network. What this does is provide open, centralized access to all of our services via a scalable, secure, open collaborative commerce ecosystem for buying and supplying organizations, regardless of size or location.


It’s important to note here that slow, costly manual processes can be replaced with fast, error-free, automated ones within a single platform. Not only is it easy to get started, it requires no change to a company’s back end infrastructure and scales to tens of billions of transactions per year.


So, no more excuses – e-invoicing awaits.

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