What can we expect from EXPP 2012?

Director, Center of Excellence, Global Sales

By Sami Nikula


This year’s EXPP Summit takes place this month with e-invoicing specialists from more than 35 countries expected to descend on Berlin for the 8th annual Congress for e-invoicing & e-billing.


As the only truly global event in the e-invoicing industry, there’s a real international feel to this year’s offering, and I’m very much looking forward to an exciting programme of top-class speeches, insightful research reports and engaging panel discussions.


It’s a great opportunity to get an industry update of what is happening in e-invoicing. There have been some very interesting developments in e-invoicing in the past year (which we ourselves have reported on) – The PEPPOL initiative, the implications of the Eurozone crisis and the increase in B2B e-invoicing from government mandates, and EXPP offers a perfect venue to see how changes in legislation, technology and the economy are being discussed.


With over 300 e-invoicing specialists and more than 20 leading solution and service providers exhibiting, including Basware, it’s also a great chance to network and meet industry professionals.


I’m looking forward to hearing from our speaker this year, Karin Springer, Manager of Standardisation and Automation, Siemens, Germany, who is going to be discussing the company’s journey towards 100% e-invoicing adoption. It will be interesting to hear what Siemens has learned and benefitted from on this journey, and the impact it has had on the finance function. With Siemens now paperless in over 20 countries and across four continents, I’m keen to see how the e-invoicing industry will respond to the Siemens case, which is symptomatic of the measures that many other companies are taking to automate their invoicing function.


It promises to be a great couple of days filled with learning, networking and knowledge-sharing.


See you there!


The 8th annual EXPP Summit takes place on September 24th-25th 2012 at Conference & Exhibition Hilton, Berlin, Germany.


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