A step forward in e-invoicing: PEPPOL

Director, Center of Excellence, Global Sales

We recently announced that PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) compliant procedures and protocols have been built into all of our e-invoicing solutions, helping to expand commerce opportunities for all of our customers across Europe.

I wanted to provide you with some more insight into the PEPPOL initiative and why it is important for your business, regardless of size.

The PEPPOL initiative was designed to enable the exchange of electronic invoices and business documents amongst private and public businesses of any size throughout Europe. As a leader in actively developing technologies and services that support B2B commerce, we have been involved in the initiative since 2008. With the European Commission keen to expand market connectivity and interoperability between private and public business, and ensure transparency in public procurement processes, our involvement has been an integral part in the development of the initiative.

Following the successful planning, collaboration and trialling of PEPPOL, the proposed specifications are now being rolled-out across Europe. Whilst we have always provided compliance with multiple invoice formats or standards, the implementation of PEPPOL into our solutions will mean customers are able to send and receive PEPPOL-compliant e-invoices and documents to public sector bodies without any change to their infrastructure, giving access to bigger markets and lowering the cost of supplying public sector customers. It will also mean that they are able to meet the standardized business processes for electronic invoices within Europe and provide any business with an agreed way to e-invoice. It is a major step forward in collaborative working!

In the new era of B2B commerce, this level of standardization delivered by the PEPPOL initiative holds significant advantages for businesses of every size. It ensures greater transparency through e-invoicing, and increases public accountability of business deals. It also enhances the automation of purchase-to-pay, speeds up administrative activities and reduces costs of doing business, while encouraging green, sustainable purchasing.

What’s more is the implementation of PEPPOL into our e-invoicing solutions comes as the Norwegian Government will mandate contracting authorities to require that all suppliers must invoice them electronically with the use of PEPPOL infrastructure as the preferred approach.

The implementation of PEPPOL compliant standards across our range of e-invoicing solutions marks an important step forward in open, collaborative commerce. Automating purchase processes along with a common way of working across Europe will significantly boost commerce opportunities between private and public businesses of every size.

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