Basware launches Alusta - a new era for B2B commerce

Today’s an important day. Today sees the launch of Basware Alusta, a cloud-based platform for business-to-business transaction collaboration. The announcement marks the application of our deep heritage within the e-invoicing, purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash markets to a new era of B2B commerce, and the ways in which businesses of any size and location want to buy and sell.


The Alusta platform is architected to bring together our world-class B2B process knowledge with intelligent cloud services, optimized to ensure easy connectivity with the Open Network. It provides open, centralized access to all of our services via a scalable, secure, open collaborative commerce ecosystem for buying and supplying organizations of every size and location.


Not only will Basware Alusta help mask the complexity that often plagues B2B transactional relationships, but it will also deliver an increase in visibility and agility across the financial supply chain required to thrive in today’s volatile environments. Slow costly, manual processes can be replaced with fast, error-free, automated ones within a single cloud-based software and services platform.


And this isn’t just exciting news for multi-national enterprises… small, growing businesses should take heed too. SMEs are fast facing many of the same challenges as larger businesses but without the resources and expertise to deal with them in-house. The Alusta platform includes unique features making it the first of its kind to enable open collaborative commerce for businesses of all sizes and all geographies. Not only is it easy to get started, it requires no change to a company’s back end infrastructure and scales to tens of billions of transactions per year.


It stands apart because of the blend of different capabilities available in a cloud-based platform; access to data through native applications on leading mobile platforms, downloadable local invoice scanning solutions, real-time social collaboration to aid dispute resolution, a single roles-based user interface across all P2P and O2C processes and multi-tenant ‘process-as-a-service’ packages allowing companies to start small and scale as their business requires it.


In times of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to collaborate and have full visibility of the P2P and O2C cycles and related cash flows. The financial crisis and the resulting, potential changes to the Eurozone are symptomatic of the complexities that impact companies of all sizes involved in B2B commerce. The Open Network, through its ability to allow organizations of all types to identify, engage and collaboratively transact with one another, helps deepen trading relations during periods of uncertainty and complexity, allowing buyers and suppliers to do business rapidly, without the need for rigid infrastructure and complex custom agreements. 


Basware Alusta marks a significant step in our evolution as a services-based B2B solution provider, and an important moment for all companies wishing to deliver maximum value from their trading relationships globally.


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